Wait a minute! Could you be my anonymous love? Na Tum Jaano Na Hum

Let's just say it: Hrithik Roshan is wildly attractive, in a chiseled, classical statue sort of way. He can dance really well, but he doesn't always seem to get the chance. I totally dig the hype train from the sidelines but am not hopping on because his neck is bulgy and his voice doesn't seem to match the rest of him.

Notable points about this movie:
  • Abby made me watch certain scenes painfully slowly, looking for Hrithik's webbed thumb.
  • There is a scene in which a male character (the guy on the left in the picture above - he plays the skank), behind the wheel of his parked car, is suddenly accompanied by a young lady in the passenger seat as she sits bolt upright. In the film conventions I know, that means one thing and one thing only. If that is what it means here, I am shocked. Shocked!
  • If you're writing love letters and the relationship is going well, just go ahead and use your real names. You'll be grateful later.
  • I really liked that his token of affection for her, a little toy plane, was animated and would zoom around. V cute and evocative of how it feels when your crush gives you something. Unless it's a fake-o Paddington bear when you are a grownup. Barf.
  • The lesson here is that ladies should never drink. If they do, they automatically act like balance-challenged floozies. Good thing young men often have suitcoats on to lend them for modesty's sake.
  • Sometimes you have to go all the way from India to Vancouver to find the truth about your long-lost letter-writing love, because where else would your best-friend-slash-presumed-love-obstacle bump into you, years later, and tell you that no, in fact, he is not married to the woman you love and that she's at home waiting for you?

    Update to post (September 1, 2005):
    Aside to Hrithik: I have now seen three movies of yours, made within a span of two years, that involve mistaken identities. When you write letters with a girl and fall in love with her through said letters, whether you think you already know her or not, find out her name. Now, extrapolate this advice to non-epistolary situations, such as showing up at a stranger's house in another country. Introduce yourself with your full name. You'll thank me for this later and you can get back to saving aliens, or, better yet, doing your hip thrust dance move thingy, which is what we all want to see anyway.
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    Aparna said…
    Well, you are the only one I know, apart from my hubby and I , who has seen this movie...you were luckier than me, I saw it in the movie hall...and we kept on hoping that it will become better :) sighhhhh
    Yes, yes Hrithik tends to repeat the basic plot of his movie but for some reason I thought this movie was cute, in a first crush kind of way.

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