Akshaye the good: Deewangee

Watching two similar movies back to back might not be a good idea, especially if one of the stars is the same. This was the second in an Akshaye Khanna double-header and, unfortunately, both of them were thrillers. In the first one he was the bad guy; in this one he isn't. Most of the time. The endings are so similar. If my video store had more of his movies I'm not sure I would have chosen this one, since I don't even like psychological thrillers most of the time. But whatever. It was interesting to see the actor playing the bad guy because last time I saw him he was the good guy. For the most part, this movie does not contain most of the factors I look to Bollywood for. The arm-flinging and dancing seemed out of place here - lives are at stake, people! - but that's my bias and is a problem I will have to get over if I'm going to learn about this genre. Also this film was violent, beyond what I was expecting.


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