Akshaye the bad: Humraaz

I really like that Akshaye Khanna. Even when he is playing a schemer, as here. Ooof. Also on the eye candy front, this is the first Bollywood movie I've seen that has men who out-pretty the women. Although one of the lead men has seems to have been directed to just walk bouncily and shake his shoulders through the musical scenes, making me think he really cannot dance at all, since there's no other conceivable reason to omit dancing in Bollywood, especially when the plot features professional dancers. Humraaz takes on a frantic series of plot twists at the end, and even though I was not entirely certain I knew what the end result be, I kind of lost energy for them in the last fifteen minutes. There were only so many "surprise!" moments I can take - although Nine Queens, another twisty film, was gripping all the way through...hmmm.... I think the problem here was because the struggle/fight sequences and cuts to people doing nefarious things were kind of clunky - and besides, I was distracted by hoping for another pleather-clad Akshaye dance number. Other than the very end, totally entertaining. And a strong "A" for novelty - it's not every day one sees a song-and-dance thriller set on an ocean liner.


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