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a list of some thoughts about Jab Harry Met Sejal

I'm so glad I'm not a paid reviewer who has to deal with this film in carefully-constructed argument-building paragraphs. I am of the opinion that  When Harry Met Sally  is Hollywood's greatest rom com, and it should not be invoked as an afterthought or by someone whose major interest is self-discovery angst. We do not actually see the moment Harry and Sejal met. "Met" does not mean "got to know." Yet another reason to poo-poo this title. Furthermore, isn't ten years too soon for your film's title to refer to the title of one of your previous films? Sejal has a lot of admittedly very small clothes in that carry-on-size suitcase. Harry hardly even bares his arms. I'm not sure they're in the same climate very often, kind of like how 90s heroines wear chiffon saris in the snow while heroes get sweaters, which Anushka has already had a chance to enact in a very fine tongue-in-cheek meta-moment . Everyone should have made much more