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manic pixie dream boys and girls who wear glasses: thoughts on Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewaani

[Written communication and I are not getting along very well this weekend, so I am surrendering and making a list instead of struggling with paragraphs and transitions and proper writerly things like that.] [Vaguely spoiler-y, but it's a mainstream Hindi romance, so really, you already know.] Is there anything as lovely and wonderful as being told someone values and likes you just the way you are? I think not. It is the best thing.  Related: it is bittersweet as an audience member to witness what feels like a real-ish, if brief and fleeting, conversation that acknowledges that loving each other may not be enough for a successful relationship if you want different things out of life or are in different stages or versions of maturity or self-awareness.  Recognition that someone can be quiet and reserved but still brave and silly is very refreshing. Similarly, while we see it more often than we do the former, I think, it is very nice to give the smooth and flitty person some i