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more family trees

This is a dangerous OCD sort of path, isn't it? I do not claim that any of these family trees I'm working on is "complete"; I'm generally making do with what I can find fairly easily and  only adding what interests me, which is almost entirely movie-related.  The Irani sisters (Honey, Daisy, and Menaka), the Akhtars, the Azmis, and the Farah Khans. I already knew the basic sketch of these families, but I did not know the film industry involvement of Javed Akhtar's father, Shabana Azmi's brother, or Daisy Irani's husband.   Click here  for a pdf. The Feroz and Sanjay Khans and the Roshans. The surprise here was both sets of Hrithik's grandparents. How cool that there was a female music director back then (and how frustrating that I can only think of one since then). Click here for a pdf. Click on either to see a bigger version or follow the links in the captions for pdfs. See today's earlier post for the Satyajit Ray/Kish

Still here!

...but in January I was manically packing and getting my full-time job into good shape so I could leave it for India, where I was for almost all of February, and now I'm back, but I'm still unpacking and doing laundry and catching up at work. In the meantime, I do tweet about the films I'm watching here and post silliness about 1950s–80s Bengali cinema at Bongalong (co-authored with Indie Quill and various other contributors [which could include you if you watch Bengali cinema of the same vintage and have something amusing and/or interesting to say about it]). A post you might be interested in on that site is a photo essay in which I detail why I hate the character of Devdas , using screencaps from the 1979 Bengali version that stars a mostly unconvincing 41-year-old Soumitra Chatterjee as Devdas and Uttam Kumar as Chunilal. Very little that was truly filmi occurred on my travels around India, but I'll write something up once I have figured out what photos to use.