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more family trees

This is a dangerous OCD sort of path, isn't it? I do not claim that any of these family trees I'm working on is "complete"; I'm generally making do with what I can find fairly easily and only adding what interests me, which is almost entirely movie-related. 
The Irani sisters (Honey, Daisy, and Menaka), the Akhtars, the Azmis, and the Farah Khans. I already knew the basic sketch of these families, but I did not know the film industry involvement of Javed Akhtar's father, Shabana Azmi's brother, or Daisy Irani's husband.  
The Feroz and Sanjay Khans and the Roshans. The surprise here was both sets of Hrithik's grandparents. How cool that there was a female music director back then (and how frustrating that I can only think of one since then).
Click on either to see a bigger version or follow the links in the captions for pdfs. See today's earlier post for the Satyajit Ray/Kishore Kumar/Mithun Chakraborty tree.

Still here!

...but in January I was manically packing and getting my full-time job into good shape so I could leave it for India, where I was for almost all of February, and now I'm back, but I'm still unpacking and doing laundry and catching up at work.

In the meantime, I do tweet about the films I'm watching here and post silliness about 1950s–80s Bengali cinema at Bongalong (co-authored with Indie Quill and various other contributors [which could include you if you watch Bengali cinema of the same vintage and have something amusing and/or interesting to say about it]). A post you might be interested in on that site is a photo essay in which I detail why I hate the character of Devdas, using screencaps from the 1979 Bengali version that stars a mostly unconvincing 41-year-old Soumitra Chatterjee as Devdas and Uttam Kumar as Chunilal. Very little that was truly filmi occurred on my travels around India, but I'll write something up once I have figured out what photos to use.

And …