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The 30-Day Bollywood Song Challenge! part 2

11. A song that can be potentially used as a chat-up line " Right Here Right Now " remix from Bluffmaster. "Yeah I'm a bad boy" / "But I'm a good girl." Nobody said it had to be a good pick-up line. I just have so much fun imagining Abhishek's hip-hop avatar sidling up to someone in a bar and saying that. Plus the woman gets a line too! 12. A song to express matters from the heart I'm absolutely blanking on this one. 13. A song to express a broken heart  " Tujhe Yaad Na Meri Aayee "  from Kuch Kuch Hota Hai . If forced to pick a favorite Karan Johar film, it's this one, though there are elements of it I find offputting, namely Anjali's tomboy-to-glamorpuss makeover that happens before Rahul realizes how awesome she is. But this song, gah, it just stabs at me, largely because of the interludes by Manpreet Akhtar (and the sequences picturized on them). 14. Your favorite song ever or the closest thing to it Slig

mini-review: the continuing saga of MAHESHMATIZATION 2011: Dookudu

Subtitles? I don't need no stinkin' subtitles! Okay, so maybe I do, since the mere presence of Prakash Raj seeming to do very good needs had me puzzled and I had no idea what the Brahmi and M. S. Narayana threads were about. (For those of you who are new-ish to Telugu films, as I am, there are in fact some visual clues to those threads that in retrospect are obvious, and I can only blame my obliviousness to them on being distracted by the lively cinema audience and the film's refreshingly non-garish interiors and, er, striking wardrobe choices.) Dookudu was a fun time full of slick and grabs-you action sequences, including a particularly Rube Goldberg machine-y chase through a shipping yard, very pleasing costumes and textiles, and enjoyable songs. I'm going to have to watch "Chulbuli Chulbuli" several more times just to take in all the feathers and weird sculptures and backup dancers doing all sorts of interesting things. And the Alpine song to point and

The 30-Day Bollywood Song Challenge! part 1

Entries 1 through 10 of the 30 Day Bollywood Song Challenge, brought to you via Bollystalgia and originating with the facebook group of the same name . Join the game on twitter with the hashtag #30daybollysongchallenge ! Now that I'm caught up, I'll be putting my entries there, but I will also do summary posts like this with a lot more text. (Who me? Want more text? You don't say!) 1. A song that makes you happy  " Tera Mujhse Hai Pahle Ka Naata Koi " from Aa Gale Lag Jaa . Shashi in loverboy mode with a  dopey scarf draped over his head. Sharmila with sparkle and fun and the good sense to stop resisting his charms. Wintery Simla. ROLLER SKATES. It is very silly and I adore it. 2. A song that makes you sad  " Ek Ladki Ko Dekha " from 1942 A Love Story often makes a few tiny tears well up. I think it's the reminder that my life is wildly un-filmi. When you surround yourself with filminess every day, it's hard not to notice the lack in

late summer mini-reviews

Before the mini-reviews begin:  any film history lovers might really like reading about the fantastic exhibit Bollywood Showcards at the Royal Ontario Museum (through October 2). I interviewed the curator in my most recent "Bollywood Journal" column for the Wall Street Journal India Real Time blog . Museums + Bollywood + history + Toronto = one of the best topics Beth could ever be lucky enough to write about. On to some films! Dhobi Ghat I really liked Dhobi Ghat even though it ends without the kind of unrealistic, filmi resolution that I always crave even in inappropriate settings like this one. Its slightly weary feel that stems from the un-met hopes and dreams of all the principal characters is offset by the power of creativity, communication, and connection that each of them participates in. It's actually more than participation, I think: each person is making contributions to others, whether they know it or not. They are all artists in some way, the wom

Quid Pro Quo: Adventures in £1 DVDs part 3

[Housekeeping note: Blogger has a new post editor that makes it very difficult to arrange images the way I usually do, so I think from here out posts are going to look a little different.] Even after watching Do Badan twice, I'm not sure why I don't like it...or even what's wrong with it. Asha Parekh is probably my favorite heroine of the era; Pran is orange-haired, selfish, and evil; characters talk of duty, fate, social status, and the role of women;    "The jars of feelings have been crushed under the feet of fate." and there is occasional visual interest in lighting, angles, and interior decor. For starters, I might be falling into the camp of people who find Manoj Kumar irritating no matter what film he's in. This one is directed by Raj Khosla, whose Mera Gaon Mera Desh I loved, and it is not in the least patriotic. He has moments of genuine expression of a variety of appropriate emotions or states of being (opti

new column: "Bollywood Journal" on The Wall Street Journal's India Real Time blog

I am absolutely over the moon to announce that I am a new columnist for the India Real Time blog of The Wall Street Journal ! My column, "Bollywood Journal," appears Tuesdays and covers...well, basically whatever filmi topic I want to write about in under 1,000 words that isn't gossip or movie reviews. Squeeeeeeeeee! The first one was published this morning and discusses a handful of foreign films that I think Bollywood should take a crack at.* Read it here and tell me what you think! Regular readers of this blog are probably already laughing at the idea of me trying to keep a piece to just 1,000 words. Editor Self has her work cut out for her, that's for sure. Squeeeeeeeeee! * After the column was published, a friend told me that one of the films I suggest actually has been given the filmi treatment but I hadn't found it in my research, which clearly wasn't as thorough as it should have been! Gah!