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another oopsie from Tashan

I like the movie, honestly I do, but this scene is AN ENGLISH LESSON.

this much scenery-chewing is bound to provide recommended masala allowance: Paap aur Punya

When Old Is Gold reviewed this movie, I knew I had to see it. HAD TO. Fortunately, Antarra , UK representative to Shashi Pradesh, hooked me up. So much of Shashi goodness! Twice the usual amount, in fact! The bad twin is even more evil than in Haseena Maan Jayegi , and the movie is just plain ol' better than Shankar Dada - and well on the safe side of Decline and Fall Masala. And since it's 1974 and subject expert Jennifer Kendal did his costumes, Shashi goodness is at optimum, packed with Shashilicious wonders of curly hair, colorful shirts and neckerchiefs, big grins, scrumptious flirting, and The Voice at full strength. You might want to put on your protective sunglasses or risk being blinded by the powers! If you want to know the plot, go over to OIG. She's done a very fine job, and honestly I'd rather focus on the wackadoo. Fortunately, the movie tells you its message at the end, in case you had missed it among all the fruit and backwards jumps and canoodling c