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Best Subtitle Typo Award, 1969

( Raja Saab ) Shashi, you're always the king of my heat, I swear.

technical difficulties

Dear writers whose blogs/sites I read: Blogger, Wordpress, or your host or blogging software of choice may have told you that I am no longer following your blog. Yeh jhoot hai! I am still reading. I just can't deal with Blogger's new-ish Reading List function conspiring with Google Reader to duplicate all of the feeds and make my Google Reader page, which is where I read most things, say that I have 1,746 unread posts to get through when really it's just a mere 873.* The 95 feeds in my Blogger Reading List were imported from Google Reader to start with, so why the Reading List then says to Google Reader "Hey, make entries for all of these things hse said she's reading!", and Google Reader did so despite all of those blogs already having feed entries in Google Reader, I do not know. If anyone has a fix for this problem, other than deleting all feeds from Blogger's Reading List, which is what I have just done and hence the reason for my concern, I would b

Purana Mandir

Aaaah! That's more like it! This is so much better than Bandh Darwaza . No one will be more surprised than I am that I enjoyed this movie. I wasn't particularly scared - which is noteworthy, because I scare very easily - but I had a good time. It's lively, it moves along at a good clip (I only refilled my coffee once), and the cast seems to be trying without going overboard. It also helped that my watching companion, The Horror!? , was totally in his element. It's best to have a guide, no? I think the introductory text says it all, really. Funny! There's something so resigned-sounding about "we were forced to conclude that this is all there is." You can hear the Mondo Macabro staff throwing their hands in the air. And if anybody wants to discuss the cultural significance of Purana Mandir , by all means, please get the conversation rolling in the comments. I'm sure there are many anthropological and film studies about what the monsters and thre

Bandh Darwaza

rich family with a shameful past untastefully appointed mansion societal pressure to have a male heir untrustworthy servant villain who extracts outrageous payment in return for aid sacrificing mother secret identity love triangle rain song waterfall song mountaintop with mist song awful choices by the wardrobe department* tragic deaths of family members revenge (spurred by one of the above) Nahiiiiiiiiiin! gang of henchmen dishoom dishoom in various locales, including a warehouse religious pluralism used to fight villains + vampire, black magic, and an old ruin that's always dark = Bandh Darwaza Once again, a ballyhooed "Ooooh, it's sooo bad! It's sooo ridiculous!" movie turned to be basically masala-ish with an unusual slant on one of the elements. Like Ajooba - in which the approach was to set the whole fandango in a fairy tale-ish fake-pretend world where magic and masked heroes are taken as commonplace - Bandh Darwaza had a lot in i

Shashi gets his Steven Tyler on, so it's not a complete waste: Ganga aur Suraj

[Spoilers ahead, but it's masala-ish, so nothing you wouldn't expect.] When Old Is Gold reviewed Ganga aur Suraj last summer , almost everyone who commented said it was bad, but somehow I felt drawn to it anyway. Now I know why. Hai hai mirchi*, the man is smokin' (if agin') in this movie as dacoit Vijay, despite the weapons, generally questionable ethics, and stupid mustache - once again the crown princes of Bollywood, by which I mean Shashi and Abhishek and occasionally Shahrukh, have tested my long-held anti-facial hair position and come out victorious. (You can read more about filmi facial hair over at Rum's .) Your love is like a shotgun - BANG! Blinding Shashi-pyaar is the only reason I can think of to recommend this movie. It's got some standard masala plot elements - namely lost and found family members and plenty of bandits - but very little of the joy and wackadoo that most of us seem to like in our movie mix. In the introductory flashbac