oooh, shiny

It's as though he wants me not to like him.

This is horrible, actually, but it was too too funny not to post.


Maja said…
(Ugh, sorry, I'm completely stalking everyone today, but I'm so bored! I had nothing at all to do today, so I keep visiting all my bookmarked blogs and hoping for new posts or comments. Am I the only person online today?? Eesh.)

Anyway, I saw the title of this post and I just wanted to say that whenever I see something shiny, I always go "oooh, shiny!" too. Except with this picture, I just laughed.
babasko said…
Ahem...trying to come up with clever remark...but cant be clever while rolling from chair laughing

akshaye baby, kya kare tum?
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Agreed. I think he's laughing under the shiny. His mouth is ever so slightly upturned, like he can just barely contain his amusement at being asked to pose in such a thing. I like to think it's proof he can take a joke. Which would be really handy if he ever stumbled across this website.

On my trip this summer, I was struck by the resemblance of one the staff of the Fulbright office in Delhi to what I imagine Akshaye will look like when he's 40. Or at least what he would look like if he quit the film industry, got a PhD, and started working for an educational foundation in Delhi. It was that little lurking smile under an otherwise unamused facial expression that made me realize it. I loved seeing that expression, and I could always tell when this guy thought something was ridiculous because you'd see the tiny smile creep in when he was trying to be polite.

(I will be totally amused if anyone from the Delhi Fulbright office knows what I'm talking about. I think at least one of them reads this. I don't want to name names, in case anyone takes offense; of course, no offense is meant by a comparison, by me, to Akshaye Khanna.)
Michael, I would pay good money to see you in that outfit. In fact, if we ever get to have a Bollyblogger meetup, I will bring you this outfit myself. And then demand a dance.
MD - of course, absolutely, and how, etc. And I am v glad you posted; I've read your blog off and on for ages and have wanted to meet you. So hi! I like your post mentioning the small midwest college town; I'm from one too (and live in one), and I know what you mean. Huh, I should probably leave this post on your website.
Michael - wild horses being ridden by Aamir Khan dressed as a college student couldn't stop me.
Anonymous said…
Beth, I'm sorry to tell you that the place in my heart reserved for Akshaye Khanna has been replaced by Kunal Kapoor from Rang de Basanti. He is a good actor and sooo good-looking.

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