you'd think I'd like this, but no

I just heard the BBC Film Cafe interview with the inventor of Bollywood Legends dolls so of course I had to find a picture. As a museum person, I really do understand the urge to have physical reminders of things you hold dear, but for whatever reason, probably because they don't really look very accurate, I find these really unappealing. What say the rest of you?


DJ said…
".... dolls are truly authentic & approved replica images of ....."

they are no where close to 'replica's.

if it were the 80s and 90s, we could have blamed the technology. who/what to blame now?? the nearly blind designers or the factory guy pressing the 'produce bollywood star doll' button while sleeping.
Anonymous said…
but shahrukhs eyebrows looks real :D
i'd thought about one second buying one. then i found out the price and the pic *gg
but i would like to see minishahrukh and minihrithik in traditional clothing for any decision ;)
i like fanarticles *gg
but all that money i will spent in dvds i suppose. better investment.
babasko said…
don´t you think that the hrithik doll lokks like one of the baldwin brothers? and its totally unfair that only the male dolls come with a change of clothes. priyanka and kajol have to make do with only their traditional ones.
I am soooo relieved others are bothered and/or unimpressed.

DJ - yes, they are clearly crappy quality and that a lack of sensory input is the only explanation.

Michael - yes, the eyebrows are good. I would definitely give them top prize for Most Realistic and/or Sensible Thing about These Freaky Dolls. Second prize in that category goes to Hrithik's jeans, which are about as flared as things he often wears onscreen.

Babasko - yes! and yes! Troublesome issues re: women come to the fore even in unnerving plastic form!
Anonymous said…
I like the idea, but the dolls don't look that great. Hopefully they can fix them!

However, if I saw them in a store on sale, I'd buy one. :P

- Rachel in NS
t-HYPE said…
Agreed. I was sorely disappointed with the dolls. You know I want nothing more than to take Hrithik home with me but--thank you for making the connection babasko--Baldwin fan I am not.
DJ said…
That is a very good point TB. how on earth did Priyanka get to be among the 'legends' of bollywood, hmmmm??
I wondered about that with Priyanka too, but I thought people might jump all over me becuase she's so pretty. But pretty does not a legend make, at least not by itself. I would definitely pay good money for a Sharmila Tagore doll, though. Or Dharmendra. That would be cool.

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