Who's with me?

There's a context for all of this, but I can explain that later: I think Aamir Khan is the best dancer of the Bollywood boys. I have never heard anyone else comment on his mahvelous moves. What say all of you?


Anonymous said…
Hrithik, SRK come before him... even Salman dances better than Aamir...sorry Beth:)
I thought Hrithik was the best dancer!
This is great! A debate! I had a hunch no one would agree with me. I am happy to admit that Hrithik is more athletic and probalby has more innate ability, but I think he overdoes it. I think Aamir always makes it count, as he does with other aspects of his performances. Of course, I've only seen...let's see...five Aamir Khan movies, so what do I know?

Also, I will also admit that "Main Aisa Kyon Hoon" is completely amazing and wins my vote for most spectactular display of raw dancing ability in Bollywood (male). I haven't thought about this much, but that's my vote for now.
t-HYPE said…
No way! Hrithik is it. You know his extra thumb gives him magic powers!
Anonymous said…
While Hrithik does do the wriggle and has a fab straight jacket sequence, Aamir just has a certain something. Maybe he just seems a little more real than the big H.
Anonymous said…
He is good, I'm not sure if he's the BEST best, but he's up there.

TB - Yes, they definitely count! However, I've only seen one non-Hind movie (I Have Found It, which is one of my favorites), so I can't weigh in. But I trust you! Plus if he choreographed that song, he is clearly fluid rather than solid. Right on!

Rachel - Thanks for your support! I'm happy with knowing others think he's good. I've never read any discussion of his dancing, so I just wanted to see what others think.
JR said…
I'd say Hrithik is the best. Main Eisa Kyon Hoon from Lakshya demonstrated that he has no bones in his body, Agar main kahoon from the same movie demonstrated he watches Steve Martin. After Hrithik I'd place SRK simply because he understands the economy of motion. He never moves one centimeter more than required, he doesn't throw away energy when he dances (cf. Saif Ali Khan, who flails). I think part of the reason I can't rate Aamir higher is because in a lot of movies he doesn't dance so much. He really dances in only one picturization, as opposed to SRK who seems to be always dancing. But maybe I just need to watch a few more Aamir movies to change my mind.
Lidia said…
I love aamir but i do have to agree with everyone else, Hrithik is better...he's my bollywood michael jackson! I love him in "You are my Sohniya" with Kareena Kapoor!

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