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First of all, has the artist of this poster actually seen Dev Anand's hair? Wither the mighty poof? Spoiler alert: I'm going to tell you the best parts of this film right away. The first appears about a quarter of the way through, when we see the home of Diwan (Gogia Pashan), who not only has a ventriloquist dummy, Chandu, sitting at his desk like he owns the place but also keeps another doll in cupboard.  The doll is a memento of his long-lost (or, as Memsaab says , long-misplaced) daughter, but he is only momentarily senti about it and moves on to doing ventriloquism and magic tricks.  Chandu elegantly warns his master about the dangers of smoking and drinking, which is a nice change from the shouty pre-film lessons and on-screen reminders of today. Despite the use of a big mustache and often turning Gogia Pasha's face from the camera to help the ventriloquism effect, we can often see his mouth moving. But Chandu only has two scenes, and I'd ta