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WHAT A FRUSTRATING AND HYPOCRITICAL FILM. I have never seen a film with more disregard for the audience's intelligence. Race 3 doesn't expect or want us to believe it, but I think Raju Hirani, and maybe Sanjay Dutt himself, wants us to accept Sanju 's version of history. How insulting. A 3-hour biopic that only barely shows its subject as responsible for anything he does—especially when his life situation is one of being a privileged recipient of nepotism of celebrity, artistic, and political systems and clout—is absurd. Its blame of "the media" for Sanjay's problems is ignorant and childish, though in keeping with its pretense of the nature of its protagonist. BABA PLEASE. Add some nuance, some specificity. Criticizing tabloid sensationalism is absolutely fine and probably a good idea. Publications that hound celebrities in their private spaces and non-work-related goings-on and revel in the cycle of building people up and tearing them down are definitel