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Goonjan: the 1990s Bengali remake of Pillow Talk you never knew you wanted

Every time I rewatch Pillow Talk  with Rock Hudson, Doris Day, and Tony Randall (1959)—which is at least once a year, because despite its sexism I adore it—I bemoan the loss of there never having been a Hindi remake in the early or mid-60s. Many of the double entendres would be have to be toned way down, and there might need to be some excuse made for a young single woman living on her own in the big city, but think of the fun stars of that era would have had with the double role and sass and hijinks! Think of the Yash Chopra-esque pastel fantasy world and easy excuse for lavish and outrageous sets! Think of the songs! Think how great Asha Parekh or Mumtaz would have been in that, with Dharmendra as the other lead and Shammi Kapoor as Tony Randall's deadpan, bitter friend* and Lalita Pawar in Thelma Ritter's sharply observant, free-speaking, heavy-drinking maid...or Sharmila Tagore, Dharmendra, Pran,  and Nadira. Swap in and out whoever you want, but one thing is for