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My inner 5-year-old is devastated, and I didn't even grow up with her. I don't really know enough to talk about Sridevi's gargantuan careers and stardoms—remarkable plurals—nor about the era in Hindi cinema in which she was the most famous, but some heartbreaks are not silent. I have so much of her filmography left to see, and I'm thrilled by that. When Sal mentioned she has a film as an alien princess ( Chandramukhi ), I felt no surprise that such a wonder exists. She is a firework, a cupcake, a spring, a serpent, a bomb. She contains multitudes unlike anyone else I've seen. There's something uncomfortable to me in the outpouring of statements of love when measured against the actual content of some of her filmography. We say we love her, but look at what the industry offered her and how fans partook of her. It feels so hypocritical. Look at the absolute crap her talents were met with—and with what we were happy, or at least willing, to consume and thus cre