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masculinity so fragile, patriarchy so toxic: Badrinath Ki Dulhania

Things the hero of Badrinath Ki Dulhania does that are beyond even Bollywood's typical sense of "stalking=love" (recording her image without her knowledge or consent and following her to school on the bus hardly registering in this heap of ick): He never, ever, ever understands that no means no. He wordlessly observes the heroine (/love interest) at her home and job after she has told him to go away. He creates so much disruption outside her home that onlookers call the police. He beats up some guy he's never seen before simply because he thinks the guy might be linked to his love interest. And of course this guy forgives him and becomes his friend later, because disliking, or even just being neutral about, the hero is just too inconceivable? He instigates a complicated lie in order to get his love interest to marry him (ohai DDLJ ). He physically grabs his love interest multiple times, sometimes while saying "I'm a good boy. I've never even grab