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'cause I can play the part so well: Fan

[A vague, two-sentence spoiler is marked in situ.] In Fan , Shahrukh Khan and Hindi cinema make an unsettling modern complement to Satyajit Ray's  Nayak , that great investigation of stardom and the self in a more restrained age. Fan  is very much today's dystopian world of celebrity, the ubiquitous, instant media never singled out but constantly, even sinisterly, complicit in every frame and deed. Capture an image, then replicate it, manifest it, make it accessible, promote, distort, and destroy it, only for another to come up in its place before its death throes are finished. It's the information age gone horribly wrong. Over and over, the two lead characters—the star Aryan Khanna and his junior Gaurav Chandna, or the fan and his senior, depending on how the power in their relationship shifts—hiss that they know things about the other, and it's no coincidence that Gaurav runs a cyber cafĂ©, speaks better English than people expect him to, and never shows a flicker o