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Do you ever get the feeling that you may know what  is happening in a film but you're not certain  you know why  it's happening—or if there even is a coherent "why" other than entertainment value? Having seen just one other work by Shankar ( Endhiran ), one other performance by Vikram (the Hindi Raavan ) and just a handful of other Tamil films, I'm flying blind on this one and unqualified to guess much at that "coherent" why (or its potential absence). There are passages and details in I   that I simply cannot process, some of them because they blew some part of my brain out and I haven't yet reassembled the pieces. Here are some of my personal truths with this film. In  I , Shankar continues some of the ideas seen in  Endhiran about creation and re-creation of individual people. In my opinion, this is a very rich and worthy theme to explore, so I am happy to see him take it on again. This time, the focus seems to be on the tension between self

lunchtime poll #12: research on non-Indian fans of Bollywood

Hello friends. I'm posting a request from a graduate student in Chicago who is doing research on non-Desi fans of Bollywood. If you'd like to participate, keep reading to find a link to her survey and a way to get in touch with her!  Hi! I need help! I am a huge fan of Indian film (even though I have absolutely no South Asian heritage) and I am trying to write a Masters thesis on people like me, non-Desi fans of Indian film. I am hoping some of the readers here will fit that description and be willing to participate. I created a survey through google forms, you can find it here:  If you are willing to talk with me by email or skype in a little more detail, or if you have any questions about any of this, you can send me an email at mredlich.depaul [a]  And even if you don't respond, thanks for listening and participating in this community! I had a great time