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Hyderabad –> Kolkata Express

My explorations of Bengali cinema have finally brought me to contemporary (as in, the last 7-8 years) popular films, and much to my ignorance-fueled shock I have found a ton of Telugu remakes. They often star one of two mononymically macho heroes. First, there's Jeet. I don't dislike Jeet, but he seems to have a slight permasnarl that isn't my cup of tea.
a poster and song from the remake of Business Mana fight scene from Wanted (confusingly to my Bolly-centric brain, this is the remake of Athadu, not Pokiri)  a clip from Jor (Okkadu) the trailer for Awara (Krishna)  There's also Dev, whom the internet indicates is the pinnacle of perhaps slightly softer herogiri: muscles, looks, dancing, and smiling.*  poster and song from Khoka Babu (Dhee)a "making of" fight clip and a song I cannot stop watching from Challenge 2 (Dookudu)a motorcycle/nunchaku/sound effect fight from Paglu (Devadasu) (not the Devdas one) (obviously) (also, if that link does not open to 35:35…