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the utterly vanilla Bombay Talkies title song


I have been underwhelmed with everything associated with this movie except for the basic concept of the film itself, so let's discuss the similarly disappointing title song. The idea of the song is great—who doesn't like a big cavalcade of stars sort of number—but overall I find this bland. Even the way each person's "themesong" was sampled in is unimaginative. But on the other hand, the whole song is very consistent. But on the other other hand, "consistency" is not what I personally look for in a Bombay talkie. Arre yaar, masala kahan hai? I don't have a problem with no Big B since he's such a feature point in the film itself.  Similarly, I would prefer Rani not to be in the song since she's in the main film. This kind of casting confuses things. It's like when Rajnikanth plays both himself and Chitti in Ra.One . You can't do that. Dear Ranbir Kapoor: you seem to be everything I need in a hero—in an actor, even. Plea

< sarcasm > Oh bravo. < /sarcasm >

Filmfare has just tweeted the cover of their "100 Years of Cinema" issue. from from There are no women depicted or named on this "collector's edition," "your ultimate guide to the 100 iconic Hindi films." And no one under 45, for that matter. I don't know how much the cover of Filmfare  really matters, but this is pathetic, especially after the films of 2012 that saw women making contributions and being depicted in some really interesting and, I think, important ways. I do know that whoever chose this is, whether willingly or not, just adding to, and reflecting, the concept that Hindi film culture is about heroes and very little else. And I do know that that makes me incredibly sad.