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Roop Ki Rani Choron Ka Raja

This month, the members of the Mysterious Order of the Skeleton Suit are doing battle with HAIRY BEASTS. My contribution to the MOSS team project is the first unwatched film I could find in my collection featuring my favorite Bollywood hairy beast, Anil Kapoor, and you can see the other MOSS agents' projects here . via Just Pazz Sadly, he does not demonstrate his full hairy beastiness in this movie, and because I suspect this post will have more than the usual number of readers who aren't terribly familiar with Hindi films, I feel duty-bound to provide examples of why I chose Anil Kapoor for my hairy beast. via  Real Bollywood via flickr via  To Each Its Own via Shirtless Bollywood Men No doubt some will say it is fortunate that you won't be seeing any images from  RKRCKR*  like those. If you need even more Anil Kapoor, go to the Post-Punk Cinema Club , where Anil was one of the house favorites. And now, on with the show! I don't care how bad

a few thoughts in response to Firstpost's "My favourite bimbo: Why America loves brain-dead Bollywood"

This article in Firstpost is probably upsetting a lot of people. Normally I see little good in joining the fracas, but this's personal. So here are a few thoughts about the piece—not a full rebuttal, because I agree with some facets of it, and not even particularly well-organized, because it is only 8:30 in the morning. Also, I am talking about what is in the article itself, not in the comments, where, last time I checked, there were some great points being made on a variety of finer aspects of the piece. Also important to add is that I very rarely read any of the American critics named in the piece, so I do not have my own informed opinion of what they do and don't tend to like or value. If only the title had said "some mainstream American critics in some big mainstream publications" instead of just "America." Because that's who seems to be the actual subject. And curiously absent in the article is Roger Ebert, surely one of our best-known

Sassy Gay Friend investigates Officer Rana from Kahaani

(If you have no idea what I'm talking about, see the  real  Sassy Gay Friend on  the Second City Network !) SPOILERS! The idea for this week's Sassy Gay Friend is courtesy of Totally Filmi  with creative assists from Filmi Geek  and s3rioussam . Meet Inspector Rana from Kahaani. He is struggling with a burgeoning love for Mrs. Bagchi, the pregnant, possibly widowed woman whose husband's disappearance he is investigating. This fate could have been avoided if he'd had a Sassy Gay Friend. Get your own at  the Sassy Gay Friend Meme Generator ! Kolkata. Night. Inspector Rana is riding the tram home from work at the end of a very long, emotionally confusing day. RANA (staring out the window)  Sigh. SASSY GAY FRIEND Enters at the next stop in blue makeup and wearing pieces of the costume for his Bengali regional drag act, Good Golly Miss Kali . Accidentally bumps other passengers with his extra arms as he makes his way to where Rana

Baishe Srabon

I may have just made a tactical error in re-watching  Baishe Srabon , a 2011 Bengali mystery, before writing about it. In my experience, it's a relatively rare mystery film (or tv episode) that holds up to repeated viewings, particularly if it is not part of a series that has over-arching character development, multi-episode/big-picture plot arcs, a well-formed internal culture, or other established and familiar elements to hook viewers. On my second viewing, when I knew what was going to happen and had a sense of why,  Baishe Srabon just did not strike me as a particularly good movie. Not awful by any means, but not great either. The identity of the serial killer seems straight out of Manmohan Desai, there is a completely unnecessary and uninteresting romance (featuring the film's lone female character with more than three lines of dialogue), a pedantic detour about Bengali poetry derails the pacing of the mystery, and Parambrata Chatterjee's performance evokes the Joh

Sassy Gay Friend talks to a Sassy Gay Faux

(If you have no idea what I'm talking about, see the  real  Sassy Gay Friend on  the Second City Network !) Meet Sameer from Dostana. He is about to profess his love for his female roommate, Neha,  after spending months trying to convince her he's gay and in a relationship with their third roommate, Kunal. This fate could have been avoided if Bollywood were brave enough to show actual gay characters if he'd had a Sassy Gay Friend. Get your own at  the Sassy Gay Friend Meme Generator !   Miami Beach. Sameer is eating a foot-long hotdog while practicing his declaration of love to Neha, reciting bits of it out loud and determinedly scribbling in a notebook. Sassy Gay Friend lounges under an umbrella nearby. SAMEER (talking to himself)  "Neha, I have something to tell you...." Too clinical. "Neha, for months I have been pretending...." No, too creepy. SASSY GAY FRIEND Overhears and marches up to Sameer