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adventures sans subtitles: Kahaani and London Paris New York

I will neither confirm nor deny that there was a point in Mumbai at which we found ourselves so hot and tired and overwhelmed and frustrated by the city and the things we had thought we would do in it that we said "Screw it!" and spent ten hours at InOrbit mall. Whatever my activities that day may or may not have been, they did include seeing both Kahaani and London Paris New York , the former because it looked really good and the latter because it seemed like the kind of thing that 1) makes for suitable vacation-brain viewing and 2) the enjoyment of which would not be particularly impeded by my lack of Hindi. I loved Kahaani while it was unspooling, but once it ended and I had all the facts of the story I was extremely unsatisfied with the way it had been set up. There was something about the tone of the truth, so to speak, as compared with that of the rest of the film, that did not work for me at all. The movie  was totally gripping and exciting, and the acting and ch

a few quick thoughts on Agent Vinod

I have no interest in and no respect for much of the wild critic-bashing that flares up when the professionals don't think highly of a movie that the rest of us seem to really like. Critics are part of the audience too, and many of the ones I've talked to, at least, are in their line of work sheerly because of love of cinema. The ones I read (and, go figure, I focus carefully on the people who seem to think before speaking) I give the respect I would extend to any friend or colleague, and even if I don't agree with them I try to follow their arguments and give consideration to why they thought what they did. So I'm surprised to find myself wondering why so many of them—and friends and blog-colleagues on Twitter, too—are so disappointed in  Agent Vinod . Until the last fifteen to twenty minutes, I had a damn good time. As for that: yes, the ending is  terrible . Whoever is responsible for it needs to be given tight slaps and made to re-read some good books and film sc