Thursday, February 24, 2011

lunchtime poll #11: KJo's world

Now that I'm no longer buried under a pile of work, it's time to get back to important "Pretty Woman" in Kal Ho Na Ho. Yesterday I was talking with Samrat about its many fascinating and glorious elements. To my eye, that song picturization is a mind-blowing combination that is far, far greater than the sum of its independently fabulous components: neighborhood dance party, cute-eyed children, orange cargo pants, SRK lip-synching to rap about sunshine, and, my favorite, the gospel choir, a feature that has of course since echoed in My Name Is Khan. "Indians love song and dance and religion," Samrat replied. "The gospel choir phenomenon speaks to us on many levels. It DOES NOT, however, speak to us on the batsh*t cuckoo level it speaks to Karan Johar."

I know a good topic of discussion when I hear one, so I ask you, lovely readers, can you think of anything that speaks to the average movie viewer on the same level it speaks to Karan Johar? Hurricane Katrina, soccer, the Brooklyn Bridge, the tears of Shahrukh Khan, the makeover of a tomboy into glamorous Kajol, Scottish ruins, the demographics of New York City and San Francisco, the domestic use of helicopters to run home and see your mommy? None of these things do to, or for, most of us what they do in KJo's world. Add yours in the comments.