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Filmi Secret Santa Project

It's baaaaack! Remember in grade school (or in my case, high school French class) when you'd get assigned to be someone's Secret Santa and give them little presents for a week? And trying to figure out who gave you that cardboard book of Life Savers? So fun! I hereby invite you to participate in a Filmi Secret Santa program, and the rules are thus: Presents will be virtual - digital image collages, videos, song re-writes, new script ideas, poetic tributes, etc. In order to get presents, you have to give at least one. That is, to be assigned as someone's recipient, you will also get a recipient. The number of presents each Santa gives is up to them. Keeping your identity secret for a week or so somehow seems more fun. Obviously this could be tricky over email, but I will happily run interference if you want to send me your present and I pass it on to your recipient with the sender's details omitted. To participate, email me your name, email address, an


Somehow I imagined Chunaoti was going to be Neetu Singh's film - a story focusing on her character, driven by her decisions and needs, the important actions decided and performed by her. Silly me. It's at least as much Feroz Khan's film. I'll say this: if Neetu Singh is going to be upstaged, I'm glad it's by my #1 favorite macho-yet-vulnerable swaggering badass from Hindi films of yore, ably assisted by #3 (#2 being Shatrughan Sinha). Both Neetu (Roshni) and Feroz (Vijay) have a score to settle with dacoit Ajay (Danny Denzongpa), and the more description is added to their situations, the more evident it was that Roshni's arc would never drive this story. In the time-honored way, Chunaoti 's prologue before the opening credits narrates the historical connection of one of the protagonists to the villain. But in this case it's only the heroine whose life is long ago shattered by the the villain, with no trace of either Feroz or his extended fami