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Cha Cha Cha! Bahut Accha! Award: the hubris of Beth

There I was, idly flipping through Govinda songs on youtube, because, far enough along in my current attempt to understand his appeal, Pyaar Karke Dekho , to have reached what seems to be The Dramatic Turning Point after Which Things Will Be More Serious, I still do not understand what people see in him. Call it spelunking, call it self-education, whatever. Anyway, I clicked on this song because...well, frankly, because it was sparkly. "Ho hum," I thought. "More Govinda dancing around in a somewhat insane shiny outfit on a stage with a bunch of backup women in ill-coordinated, somewhat insane shiny outfits." I thought back to a great exchange between Memsaab and Todd about how viewing countless Bollywood films has really upped our expectations and left us occasionally shocked at our own demands for what qualifies as noteworthy or delightful: Memsaab: "What does it say about us that we don't find a child in a bad chimp suit, a man fighting a stuffed tig

Subtitle Typo Award (1987): 8 characters are worth 1,000 words and pictures

Couldn't have said it better myself. ( Pyaar Karke Dekho ) It may not be the literal translation of what they're singing, but it sure is evocative. Maybe all 80s Govinda songs should be transcribed like this.