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groovy graphic geekiness: typfaces of the 70s revealed!

I can't decide what I enjoy more: two totally unrelated typefaces for the roman and Devanagari writing (as in Trishul and Dharam Veer ) (though for the latter, just think how fun would it be to see Devanagari with the faux medieval European serifs!) or a style carried across both scripts (e.g. Kaala Patthar and Chor Sipahee ).* My very favorite over all is Satyam Shivam Sundaram because everything about it to me screams 70s - leave it to Raj Kapoor to rake in style points. It's a very Brady type in my eyes - rainbow colors, curls, a heavy droopiness that evokes lazy goodness, and SPARKLES - and I am quite certain Farah Khan thinks so too. Here are a few more I love, starting with Bombay Talkie , which, while a pretty sucky film, probably has the most intricate and appropriate titles I've ever seen. Look for another typeface-related post soon from V Love Movies , who was beset with technical difficulties today. A huge thank you to everyo

groovy graphic geekiness: typefaces of the 70s

70s week rolls to a close with some opening credits. Today I'm posting tiny snips of some of my favorite lettering from film titles - can you guess which films they come from? Answers (full images of the titles in both roman letters and Devanagari) tomorrow!