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groovy graphic geekiness: typfaces of the 70s revealed!

I can't decide what I enjoy more: two totally unrelated typefaces for the roman and Devanagari writing (as in Trishul and Dharam Veer) (though for the latter, just think how fun would it be to see Devanagari with the faux medieval European serifs!) or a style carried across both scripts (e.g. Kaala Patthar andChor Sipahee).*

My very favorite over all is Satyam Shivam Sundaram because everything about it to me screams 70s - leave it to Raj Kapoor to rake in style points. It's a very Brady type in my eyes - rainbow colors, curls, a heavy droopiness that evokes lazy goodness, and SPARKLES - and I am quite certain Farah Khan thinks so too.

Here are a few more I love, starting with Bombay Talkie, which, while a pretty sucky film, probably has the most intricate and appropriate titles I've ever seen.

groovy graphic geekiness: typefaces of the 70s

70s week rolls to a close with some opening credits. Today I'm posting tiny snips of some of my favorite lettering from film titles - can you guess which films they come from? Answers (full images of the titles in both roman letters and Devanagari) tomorrow!