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twenty reasons Chori Mera Kaam might just be the comic masala masterpiece of 1975

1. It has just enough groovy style to let you know that 70s-y good times lie ahead but not so much that the room starts spinning . Neon reminders that the thief's way of life might get them snared in a web! Or maybe out-maneuvered by ever-shifting strategies! 2. Pran! * Side note: Pran shares a birthday with three fly fellas from my home state: Abraham Lincoln, Ray Manzarek, and Ajay Naidu (aka Samir from Office Space ). Plus Judy Blume, Franco Zeffirelli, and Charles Darwin! Dang! Inspector Kumar outsmarts bad guys by pretending to take a bribe and then clamping the handcuffs down on them as they try to shake his hand. He's upstanding. He's patriotic. He takes self-sacrifice to almost as extreme a cost as a masala character could possibly do - giving up a son surely could only be topped by giving up one's Maa. He's unjustly framed while on a high-stakes mission! And is proud of his own son for arresting him even though he's innocent: duty before f

the funkiest Kapoor

Well. This is brilliant, obviously: a mix of the visuals of "Dilbar Dilbar Kehte" from Haseena Maan Jayegi with James Brown's "My Thang." The same user has also condensed my beloved Parvarish into just one song , Neetu and Amitabh's loopy hotel room romp in disguises. Wednesday just keeps getting better and better!