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for the love of Feroz Khan; or, link likes for other movies that I probably won't watch but am glad somebody is on top of

After a good wallow in the vast landscape of yesterday's tomorrow, today I call to your attention the sites Die, Danger, Die, Die, Kill! , and The Lucha Diaries , written by Todd, another hepcap from Teleport City . So at home in the serene pools of Shashi-esque gentility and dandiness am I that I think it's best not to jump into the shark-infested waters of 70s machismo and open shirts all alone. Thus Todd has been designated as my safety buddy for all things fists, Feroz, and ferociously hairy. By this last phrase I also mean monster and horror movies; things around here tend to be pretty non-werewolf-y, because even though in my experience Bollywood gore usually looks more like grocery store sheet cake red icing than actual blood, I scare easily enough that I've called the whole genre off-limits. (I was even scared during Dhund: The Fog , okay? Leave me alone.) More good investigation of the spooky, grisly, and otherwise dark-ish can be found at October . Before the dri

Kashmir Ki Kali

Of the four Shammi Kapoor movies I've seen, the only one I've been able to write about (and extensively, at that) is Parvarish , where he 1) is not the star, 2) plays the dad rather than the lover-boy, 3) has his hair unyieldingly slicked back, and 4) doesn't dance. Does this mean I lack the Shammi Appreciation Gene? Surely not! How can this be? I really do like Teesri Manzil even though I can never figure out what to write about it; I've even used it as a gateway movie for two different friends who both want to learn about Bollywood, figuring it's so fantastic that no one could possibly not enjoy it. Rajkumar was fun too - bunnies! Katrin loves Shammi. Greta loves Shammi. What is wrong with me? Kashmir Ki Kali (do not abbreviate!) started out okay, and it was full of general good cheer and pretty things to look at, but its second-half decline took it to the land of tiresome and silly and I just wasn't willing to go with it. I don't know why. There

almost felled by the dreaded Curse of the Second Half*: Haseena Maan Jayegi

* term courtesy of Aspi Cute, right? You can tell from the get-go. So cute! Until just before the intermission, that is. And then it's a real let-down. Just so you know which Haseena Maan Jayegi we're discussing, it's the 1968 one with Shashi in a dual role, Babita, and entirely too much Johny Walker (most of which is in isolated scenes and can be skipped easily). Shashi plays Rakesh (left), the campus Romeo, and Kamal (right), an all-around good boy. It is very, very difficult to tell them apart; Archana (Babita) is harassed by one and attracted to the other, and even she gets them mixed up. She spends a lot of time in the first chunk of the movie making faces like this trying to figure out which one is which. Rakesh is a real schemer and tries to impersonate Kamal whenever possible in order to get to Archana, even after she and Kamal get engaged. And that's where things start to tank. Moments before the marriage, we see this but the movie cuts to intermission

Sarkar Raj in haiku

interesting, tight; Bachchan family does well, other actors too very final scene made me really quite intrigued - hope that goes somewhere bad things happen but all are part of mobster life - you reap what you sow but violence and treachery are hard to see - I'd not watch again GovindaGovin daGovindaGovindaaaa Govinda-aa-aaaaaaaaaa Govinda-aa-aaaa GovindaGovindaGo vindaGovindaaaaaaaaaaa

Govinda ≠ Shashi

In between the tornado warnings and mopping up the storm water from my basement, yesterday I started watching Haseena Maan Jayegi and can hardly believe my good fortune. While nothing so far is quite at the "Kehne Ki Nahin Baat" level of superwow, "Suno Suno,""Oh Dilbar Janye," and "Dilbar Dilbar Kehte" are all really dang close. For example, so fab is this last one that Shashi has a dance-off against himself . Have you ever heard of anything so fantastic? These, plus the movie's really cool animated opening credits, have all happened within the first fifty minutes - it's fast and furiously fab, a parade of Shashi-shimmying, head-wobbling, twisting, white convertibles, and babe-alicious sassy Babita and her slew of super outfits. I hesitate to ask, in case the answer is "no": are there more Shashi movies like this? It seems greedy to ask for more on top of this and Pyar Kiye Jaa , but equally it seems imperative to get to


[Contains spoilers!] Disclaimer: I watched Raj Kapoor's Barsaat with fellow blogger and owner of our single brain, Post-Punk Cinema Club . As a result, I was a bit distracted by the fun chatting and I spent a lot of time laughing at how funny PPCC is and then wondeirng "Oh wait, was that something Very Important and Artistic that I should be thinking Serious Thoughts about?" Fortunately, despite the shared brain, PPCC and I do not always agree about everything, most notably the attractiveness of Byronic heroes and Kabhi Alvida Na Kehna (PPCC is pro both, whereas I say "blech"), so I was not waylaid further by the additional distraction of swooning. Good thing, too, as it turns out I would need all the supply of swoon I could find for watching Pyar Kiya Jaa a few days later. Barsaat is my first Nargis movie, as well as my first with Raj Kapoor as an actor (and only third as director, the others being Bobby and Satyam Shivam Sundaram ). A week mulling it